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Tokophobia: Symptoms & Treatment

Humans are intellectuals who can think and create something new. Things humans can do are enormous, all these capabilities of humans start with  a basic idea or may be called as belief, a belief...


Everybody Lies.

Everybody lies… He came to us with a big distended tummy, swollen legs and yellow didn’t take much time to figure out his liver was failing. He knew the diagnosis, before I scribbled...


World Rabies Day: Time to act

 World Rabies Day World Rabies Day is observed on 28th of September, to educate and create awareness among the society about Prevention and defeating the deadly Rabies. This day also marks the death of...


Non Communicable Diseases: World Most Killer Diseases

What is meant by Non Communicable diseases? Lifestyle diseases commonly called as Non Communicable diseases (NCD) which are chronic (long-lasting) diseases with slow progression, occurs dues to smoking, Alcoholism, high consumption of sugar, salts, saturated...

Chemo Story 2

A CHEMO story-Doctors Dairy

Doctors Dairy: a-chemo-story This guy had Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a type of blood cancer . He had swollen lymph nodes in his neck. The swelling was so extensive and evident that anyone who see...


Are we trying to become God!

We Can’t Forget ourselves where we have started. We are here from 2,00,000+ Years, gaining intelligence and evolving over time from a mere Primates to modern people who dance on KiKi challenge. Yes! we are...

Amazing Healthcare FActs 2

Amazing Healthcare facts part 2

Healthcare facts Part 2 Healthcare is a huge field where we need to learn bit by bit via facts and figure. So lets learn some amazing healthcare facts: carecurious

Amazing Healthcare FActs 0

Amazing Healthcare facts part 1

Healthcare facts Part 1 Various healthcare facts pics that enlighten and surprises you.. read, learn, enjoy and share…   Amazing Healthcare facts part 2

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