“You read, You Forget” is a continuous cycle, but how to stay apart is million dollar Question.

Yes, nobody is a born genius. But how some people remember better??

What makes them wise? The answer is simple “They have a better Neural Network”. How to build a better neural network & potentiate transmission across synapses?

Again the answer is simple “Recall and Associate”

Care Curious will help you out to learn the “Association Techniques”, which leads you to memorize better.

 Start this exercise: (Don’t skip)

Step 1: Take 30 sec and memorize these words

  • Cancer,
  • Spoon,
  • Orange,
  • Paper,
  •  Scribble,
  • Carpet,
  • Roasted Beans,
  • Mt. Everest;
  •  Chair,
  • Dog,
  • Book;

Step 2: Recall…..(Hmm! No cheating, don’t look the Screen)

Hmm!! How many words did you recall?? 3,4,5,6,7,8,9……

It’s Difficult!! you may not able to recall all the words.

Now let’s try to remember using

“Association Technique”

Association technique
Association technique

Let’s take the above words and make a story out of it…

  • Imagine you enter a room and see your nerd friend sitting on a “chair” reading a “book” and eating “Roasted beans” with a “spoon”.
  • He thinks for a moment and “Scribbles” on a “paper” about the “cancer” research
  • In the corner of the room there is poster of “Mt. Everest” and just below it there was a “dog” sleeping on the carpet.
  • Yes, We forgot “orange” right… now place that thing anywhere,as you wish…since it’s your imagination.

Yes!! Now you put an end to your story and imagination and just try to recall the words.( Don’t skip..Recall the words)

How many did u recall…

Yes, you recall more words than the previous attempt and that’s the power of your brain and the association technique.

Our brain works in similar way. It establish connections between events, words and visuals to make a network of memories.

This simple technique of making association will help you in memorizing and recalling words.

Now don’t forget Care Curious, Click, like, subscribe and learn more….

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