Now a days, Artificial Intelligence is one of the buzzy topics as Sophia,  a humanoid robot developed by  Hanson Robotics,   got a Saudi Arabian citizenship.  Artificial Intelligence bots are seen in the movies, like “Her”, “Ex Machina and the “Terminator’s Skynet”, which is known as “general AI” by the AI experts, gives a glimpse of what AI is capable of. But how about AI in healthcare.


“Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are unlocking capabilities that were unthinkable only a few years ago”

Sundar Pichai

Machine learning is the study and construction of programs that has the ability to learn and make predictions and decisions on data without explicitly programming. This lays foundation to the Artificial Intelligence i.e creating bots that mimics “cognitive” functions such as “learning” and “problem solving“.

The scope and application of AI is unlimited, but still AI is in the initial phase of its development due to various other hardware and software platform restrictions.

Frost & Sullivan Research team states that artificial intelligence systems will generate $6.7 billion in global revenue from healthcare by 2021, compared with $811 million in 2015. Hence there are lot of startups booming in the field of AI.

Here are the list of companies that are harnessing the Artificial Intelligence in the field of healthcare:


Google Deepmind Health

Deepmind is the Google’s first effort in integrating the AI in the field of healthcare and provide a positive impact. This develop technologies to save lives, improve care and support the NHS system. The new technology aids more  accurate analyses and increase the pace of  treatment to the patients. Implementation of AI and mobile tools tracks the patients and saves the precious time of doctors and nurses.



Careskore is a startup from Chicago that provides cloud based predictive analytics platform for health systems and physician organizations. Its Zeus algorithm analyses and combines clinical, socio-economic, demographic, and behavioral data which aids the hospitals to improve the quality of care and providing a clear picture of health to the patients.



IBM WatsonPaths

IBM  in collaboration with faculty, physicians and students at Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine came up with two cognitive computing technologies. This technology is used by Watson  to help physicians make more informed and accurate decisions faster and to cull new insights from electronic medical records (EMR).


Zephyr Health

Zephyr Illuminate’s proprietary technology connects CRM, sales and vendor data with thousands of public global data sources to give customers the insights they need to make confident decisions faster.


Sentrian has developed remote patient intelligence systems  that improve chronic disease management. The Sentrian Remote Patient Intelligence platform (Sentrian RPI) is the first system to allow clinicians to rapidly build or continually improve new remote disease deterioration models.


CloudMedX Health

CloudMedx  aims to streamline clinical encounters and optimize outcomes through predictive analytics.The company utilizes evidence based algorithms, machine learning and natural language processing to generate real-time clinical insights at all points of care.

“We are putting physicians back in the seat as physicians as opposed to data entry personnel,” said Co-Founder & CEO, Tashfeen Suleman.



Alexapath is the creator of the patent pending Alexapath Telepathology system. Their  medical imaging by leveraging smartphone technology to overcome inaccessibility to microscopic diagnosis across the world. This system uses  smart phone app and internet of things to put the power of the lab in your pocket.


Oncora Medical

Oncora Medical is a digital health company integrating big data and machine learning into radiation oncology. Founded in 2014, Oncora is developing clinical decision support software to aid oncologists based on the results of sophisticated data analytics.


Oncora Medical
Oncora Medical

If you know about other companies disrupting healthcare through artificial intelligence, please let us know in the comment section.


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