Tuberculosis is an infectious disease which mainly attacks lungs. It can also spread to other parts of the body like brain and spine. In case of chronic diseases, you may have to resort to medical treatment, but your diet can really help in supporting the process and restoring your health at faster pace.  The World Health Organisation (WHO) TB statistics for India for 2016 give an estimated incidence figure of 2.79 million cases of TB for India.

Here are few foods that can help a TB patient to recover faster:

Rava Ladoo or Ragi Porridge: You may loose lot of weight due to sickness and loss of appetite. Therefore, you need to take calorie-dense foods. Rava Ladoos and ragi porridge can provide the energy needed.

ragi pordige
Ragi porridge

Khichdi: A hot bowl of khichdi made with rice, dal, and seasonal vegetables is one of the to load up on carbohydrate, proteins and all other nutrients required by body.


Soyabean: It helps strengthen your immune system.

Paneer: Paneer is a high source of protein which helps in building muscles and giving you strength.

Milk: Milk is also great source of protein, providing strength necessary to perform day to day activity.

Fruits such as Guava and Amla: These fruits are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants and help eliminate toxins from the body.

Whole grains: Rich in vitamin B complex and fiber, Whole grains will keep you energized and help fight fatigue and lethargy.

Whole grains:
Whole grains


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