CES 2018

Consumer Technology Association (CES), formerly The International Consumer Electronics Show (International CES®) provides a platform for manufacturers, developers and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, content, technology delivery systems and more, to showcase innovations. CES is providing global stage for around 50 years which attracts world’s business leaders and pioneering thinkers.

Care Curious brings you the innovation and technology highlights showcased in CES 2018.

Digital Health, How technology is improving our lives ? Right from Remote health diagnostics, embedded systems revolutions in healthcare to disruptive innovations in healthcare. Join the Digital health era.


Bixby vision: Recognizes food and its calorie count
Family hub: collects the fitness data and send to family hub which in further provides info regarding your calories burnt and calories you ate and food recipe recommendations to keep you fit.It also connects to all IOT devices to collect data.

Samsung Breath technology for Lung diseases:
A digital machine to track your lung diseases which provide real time analysis of breath and cough to detect the possible health issues


ECG Monitor:
Rotex ECG monitor is a new wearable ECG monitor based on E-tattoo technology. It is skin-soft and hair-thin, designed to monitor electrocardiogram (ECG) and heart rate in real time, collect and transfer the raw data to your cell phone or tablet.

E-tattoo technology: E-tattoo sensors are skin-soft, hair-thin, extremely light and flexible, provide the user with a wear-and-forget experience and highly precise data.
E-skin technology: E-skin is a skin-soft and extremely flexible material which detects micro strain change and discharges electricity to the contact surface.


Neutrogena Skin360™ tracks your skins health above and below skin by using your phone.Each time you scan, the Neutrogena Skin360™ app analyzes your moisture level, pores and lines to provide you with a unique Skin360 Score. Your Skin360 Score changes as your skin does, and you can track progress and improvement over time for healthier looking skin, inside and out



ACCUNIQ Manager The software program for ACCUNIQ, the body composition meter brand of SELVAS Healthcare, an affiliate of SELVAS AI. It visualize the body composition information captured in graphic data to help you measure and analyze your body fat in a structured way. One-on-one customized data management and SELVAS AI’s deep learning technology are combined into this health management solution to anticipate a user’s eating and living habits and recommend corresponding healthy habits.

selvis ai
Selvis AI

Artificial Intelligence developments in healthcare

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