Cancer – a killer disease doesn’t happen overnight. It is a maze of mutations created over years.
we create this maze over years by our unhealthy living habits.

According to world health organisation, about 30% of cancers are preventable. Many can be cured if treated early.

Hence healthy life style and proper screening can help beat cancer.

Here are few ways to keep yourself healthy and keep cancer away.

Eat healthy : fruits and veggies provide you with antioxidants,which fight against cancer causing free radicals and keeps u healthy.

Say NO to  hydrogenated oils : when we boil oil repeatedly, they get hydrogenated and increase risk of free  radical injury. Avoid repeated boiling of oils.

Exercise : 3-5 km of walk or jog everyday done in 30-mins will change the way you live…it adds up life to your years.

Quit smoking : smoking is associated with hundreds of cancers…your mouth to bladder anything can become cancerous because of thousands of carcinogens in tobacco.

Follow screening protocols : as you age, risk of getting cancer increases, hence get screened for most common cancers like breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, cervical cancer according to protocols. if tested positive, prompt treatment at early stage can cure many cancers.

Follow Five rules…Fight against cancer.

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