I have right to live… but should I be given “right to end my life” ?????

Government of India says, its a definite “NO”..


what if i suffer a chronic disease : Incurable, Painful, Debilitating, Killing me everyday…

Don’t I deserve a honorful death? Should i live a pitiful life till due course of my illness takes my breath away????

definitely am not discussing about euthanasia..

It’s about DNR…DO NOT RESUSCITATE(don’t bring me back to life)

yes, everytime my heart ceases or my lungs aren’t able to catch breath,when i think its all gonna end… someone brings me back to pitiful life again ,which i never wish to live.

this is a scenario where people make a will for DNR…and want to have a honorful death.

who can apply for a DNR ?

  • Patients suffering with chronic painful illness which has no cure
  • Patients in prolonged coma and fewer chances of recovery.
  • When treatment of disease is ineffective, wont improve any survival.

who cant apply??

You can’t just die,  because you can’t pay for medical care.

If treatment outcome is doubtful : a little ray of hope.

If your family members have difference of opinion.


let us ask us question…what’s better?????

A unresolvable pitiful life ? a honorable death???

should my family members take the decision ?

should my physician aid in decision making?

should DNR legalised in India?

yes, our country need answers for all these questions.

what do you say???



immortal, here is a life savior : National Health Insurance Schemes



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