Every year 5 lakh kids die of diseases that could  be prevented by giving vaccines.
Around 89 lakh kids in our country are at risk of getting these diseases.

Few drops and Pricks can save lives of thousands.
remember  “vaccination” is right of every child

Educate every parent you know about vaccination : ur house worker, ur driver , ur apartment watchman, sabjiwala, milkman….spend ur five mins making them understand importance of vaccination.. Save a life ..Be the hero.

  • Our government gives free vaccine to all children under scheme “Mission Indradhanush” .
  • vaccines are available free of cost in all near by government hospitals, primary health center, sub center , Anganwadis, Asha workers, ANM’s…
  • please guide needy kids and parents towards vaccination drive..


Here is vaccination schedule under mission Indradhanush

Mission Indradhanush
Mission Indradhanush


save the kid..be the hero.

immortal, here is a life savior : National Health Insurance Schemes

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