When you feel low, sad or depressed..what do you do?????

listen to moody songs?

sit alone in room?

 go alone for a walk?

cry hiding face with a pillow?

get drunk in a bar?

smoke a pack?

shout at someone & sit quiet later?

ride your vehicle at high speed, a road rage?

why do we do it???

sadness attracts more sadness,

darkness always tends to become more dark.

self sympathizing is usually what we do, when we are broke.

we feel bad for ourselves, use it as an excuse to do crazy things.

whats best thing to do when we feel sad?

TALK – because talking solves many issues. speak to someone – reach out for help.

bravest thing that anyone can do is “ask for help” .

yes, 15% of people suffer from depression at least once in their lifetime. Every 4 min a life is lost,just because they cant handle it anymore.

TALKING can save lives.


whom should we talk to?

  • reach out to your family, friends.
  • share your problems with loved ones.
  • ask for emotional support.
  • best person to talk to is a counselor.

when should we meet a counselor??

  • if you feel low,sad or depressed.
  • if you feel too frustrated with ur present life
  • if you are getting angry too often or easily
  • feeling irritable
  • frequent mood swings
  • difficulty adjusting to ur new surroundings
  • issues with ur family and loved ones
  • difficulty with getting sleep, waking very early in morning & unable to sleep after that.

why is it important?

because most of problems can be solved by :

changing our approach towards everyday situations, altering our reactions, learning how to react.

your counselor will help you with this.


Follow this policy : meet, greet, tweet.

meet new people

greet old ones

tweet – share ur positive vibes.


Come, lets talk…



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