Would u like to quit smoking??

Would you like to give a few advice to ur loved ones to quit smoking?

If yes, read on.


Ritesh, a 24yr old data analyst working in a MNC in Bangalore smokes 2packs per day.His girl friend Niki complains of his bad breathe and it’s a embarrassment for him.Ritesh tried quit smoking.He stopped smoking fr 3 weeks,but unable to bear his work stress and carving he,resumed his habit finally.

Ritesh can be anyone of us, who struggled a lot to quit but ended up bad.

Quitting is easy but maintaining abstinence is a challenge.


Here are few ways we suggest you that can help “quit smoking”.

1. First mantra :  Quitting is hard. It can take several attempts to succeed. So, never give up.

2. There are definite benefits : u will have better sense of smell, your  clothes smell better, your breathe smell better.

more imp, u will save money 😉

3. Make a quit plan- reward yourself.

4. Make a support group. Find your quit buddy. Encourage each other.

5.curb triggers :

  • Avoid people who smoke
  • Avoid smoke breaks at work.
  • Avoid store where you usually buy cigarettes. Find a different route so that you don’t have to pass it.
  • Avoid locations and situations where you usually smoke.
  • Stay away from coffee and alcohol, as they may trigger a desire to smoke.
  • Withdrawal symptoms : you may experience anxiety, irritability, restlessness within 1-2 weeks.

How to deal with withdrawal symptoms?

  1. Exercise – try walking, climbing stairs instead of lift, use cycle to office.
  2. Drink water, take few deep and slow breaths when u feel anxious.
  3. Carry a sugar free chewing gum or healthy snacks like spouts,salad unit bag.eat it whenever u feel an uncontrollable urge to smoke.
  4. Take up a hobby like cooking, dancing, gardening, trekking, hiking, painting, learning a musical instrument, learning new language etc. Clean house, your room , storage area. These will keep you away from restlessness.
  5. If difficulty with sleeping, avoid caffeine in afternoon and evening.Go for a morning jog or use cycle to office.


Quitting can be very difficult. It can often take several attempts to successfully quit.

“Would you like to try again ?”

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