Life is a story…My story is bit long . Everyday I meet many. Some I forget,some leave a mark.

I save lives, sometimes I just  pray.


Today, I shall read out a page from my diary…My first case of intrauterine death.

An unfortunate mother who missed her motherhood. Here are her words….

“I was 21. I got was an year,I conceived.

Yes, I was pregnant carrying a 32 week old baby in my womb.

I did everything they said. I ate, even when I felt nauseous, I walked even when my back hurt like hell. I gulped down all those tablets and was counting days to have her glimpse, to hold her in my hands, to hear her first cry… I never worried whether its a boy or a girl…whether to buy pink or blue.

It all happened suddenly. I couldn’t feel my baby kicking yesterday evening…I thought she might be resting, having a nice sleep in her mamma’s womb..I was alarmed next day morning, little anxious too, visited my doctor soon.

My doctor was bit hesitant. She cleared her throat and said ,Be brave. I started tearing and prayed that doctor shouldn’t tell any bad news.

Fate made its decision long ago. My baby was already dead in my womb. I couldn’t bear the pain.Every second felt so long, every breath was difficult, my feet refused to move anywhere. But I accepted the truth finally. With a broken heart and a painful womb I returned home, expelling my dead baby.

To my baby : I am sorry, I know its too late But I am very sorry.

– An Unfortunate Mother


Here is a page in my diary….with innumerable number of pages, I ripen everyday as a doctor. To every mother carrying a baby “A baby’s kick  is a kick of life.. If not felt, definitely its a medical emergency. Don’t wait, rush to your doctor immediately to have Safe Motherhood.

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