a familiar term,a common problem which bothers many… leaving them with blocked noses, nasty headaches.

How sinusitis happen?

There are some cavities within the bones of your face called sinuses. These sinuses are connected to cavity of nose and mucus secreted in sinuses drain into nose. These sinuses also make it skull light.
Inflammation of these sinuses causes headache,face pain,think mucus in nose, nasal blockade etc..This condition is called sinusitis.

Precaution to avoid sinusitis:

1) Wash your hands frequently to keep the germs and infection away.
2) Take early precaution when you are suffering from cold and infection.
3) Avoid smoking
4) keep your self hydrated by regular consumption of water.
5) Protect yourself from  dust, smoke, pollutants by using face masks.

1) Avoid milk ,suger, coffee,fried products, refrigerator products,fast food, chocolates,nonveg,junk foods.
2) Don’t skip or delay meals
3)Limit curds, banana,ice cold drinks
4) Avoid cold foods,drinks and places,cold water shower or bath, excessive sleep.
5) Avoid foods  which are oily, too sweet, too sour and salty like bajjis,high flavored sweets,too sour fruits etc.
6) Avoid frequent head baths.

Do`s :
1) Do good exercise and walking
2)Garlic and onion as a part of diet
3) Eat food that are neither too hot not too cold
4) Regular use of cinnamon, black papper,cumin seeds, honey, garlic,clove,rock salt .

Home remedies :
1)Tulasi steam  :steam inhalation with decoction of Tulasi or water boiled with it . Doing it regularly  will help in acute sinusitis.

2)Hot water steam: Add few mint leaves, clove oil to the hot water and take vapor twice a day.spit out the secreation coming to your mouth . Have a salt water gargle after that to clear your throat.

Ayurvedic Treatment :
1) Nasya :
It means Medicine or medicated oils administered through the nose .

Nasya karma is a therapeutic measure where the medicated oil, decoction,svarasa,churna etc are administered through nose to eliminate the vitiated doshas situated in shiras for the treatment of urdhvajathrugatha vikars( parts situated above the clavicle ).
Acc to charaka maharshi nose is the gateway of head.The drug administered through nose as Nasya reaches the brain and eliminates only the morbid dosha responsible for producing the disease.
It is the treatment for all most of headaches including sinusitis.

Home remedies are part of treatment plan which relieves symptoms and help you get better.

Bye bye to blocked sinuses and heavy head.

Let’s make life lighter.

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