Happy about UPT(Urine Pregnancy Test) Positive?  Wait…Do confirm the right location of your embryo by an Ultrasound Scan. Because Happiness is short-lived for some people. Ectopic

This is how she narrates her lost pregnancy due to an Ectopic…

” After 2 years of married life, bitter in every aspect which compelled me to be on Anti-depressants for months without my husband’s knowledge…Finally I conceived. Thank GOD, I felt a great relief from all the criticisms that I faced at in-laws home for not having a baby for 2 years. I cursed myself for being a female all these days and here comes an end to feel happy again.

But as everyone says, “Happiness won’t last longer” – A day came to doom my life again. When I went for my first scan at around 6 weeks, I was told that Iam having an Ectopic pregnancy. Now what was that? I exclaimed. My doctor told that my baby is developing in the tubes & not in uterus where actually it should be. I couldn’t understand what’s going on & it took time for me to come back to reality. Again a panic attack on how to face my husband & in-laws. I asked my doctor for a solution. She told that the tube which has an ectopic has to be removed as soon as possible before it goes in for rupture. I whispered into her ears, Is there any other treatment other than surgery? She hesitantly said No & explained that the sac of this ectopic is big in your case and medical treatment won’t help. I got admitted and my tube with an ectopic is removed. My in-laws came up with number of questions to my doctor.

1.)If my one side tube is removed, will I be able to conceive again?

2.)Will this recur again on other side?

3.)How long I should wait for next conception?

Answers they got from my doctor-

1.)Yes, She can. The tube on normal side can still receive ovum from its fellow ovary.

2.)Risk do exist but not 100% and no one can actually predict.

3.)Atleast a 3-month interval is needed before conceiving again.

And my doctor added, If needed, she can still go in for Assisted Reproductive Techniques with her own ovum, her husband’s sperm and can be implanted in her own healthy uterus.

I hope my in-laws are convinced a bit and I think I don’t need any anti-depressants too. My doctor gave me a ray of hope even now ”

                  Ectopic is an Emergency;

But Every Problem do come with a Solution.

polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) : Here we go…

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