What irritates you a lot ????mosquito

Loud sounds?

Annoying friend?

Traffic, traffic, traffic???

Credit card company calls???

A hot sweaty day??

Yes, everyone have a reason to get irritated..so am I…

There is one girl, who irritates me a lot…she usually meets me every evening, shout into my  ears, grab a meal  and finally she runs away without saying thanks.

She does it everyday, everytime..

she isn’t nobody…she have a name : Mosca diminitiveito. Ya, it’s a Spanish name..and she doesn’t have a FB account (kindly don’t search).

I was fed up of her and wanted to stay away as much as possible..but howwwww?????? was a big question..

Finally I found a solution 😜


See here for what I did :

rest of story here at CareCurious

Irritating girl….friend : The Final Solution.


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