Those who haven’t read the beginning go for a recap:


For summary sake : I just told you about a girl who makes annoying noises, grabs a meal and runs away.

If you haven’t made out who she is….let me clear the cloud.

Here I reveal…

She meets me in evening – when the sun is gone.

She makes annoying noise : buzzing eeeee

Grab a protein meal : out of red blood cells

She has a Spanish name “Mosca diminitiveito” which literally means : Mosquito 😉😋.


Pardon me for this poor joke🙄.

But my point of concern and care is how to stay away from her??? And  save yourselves from viral illness transmitted by mosquito bites.

We shall know a little about mosquito repellent to buy it? And how to apply?

How to choose a repellent cream?

Your repellent cream should have any one of below :

  • DEET less than 30%
  • Picardin
  • IR3535

If you have a kid less than 3year old never apply creams with oil of lemon eucalyptus.

How to apply the cream??

  1. Apply cream on ur hands first, then spread it to exposed areas.
  2. No need to apply below clothing.
  3. Don’t apply on cuts, wounds, red irritated skin.

If rashes, redness, itching, burning sensation at site of application suggests allergy.

What to do?

Wash off the cream with clean water.

Apply calamine lotion or moisturizer to reduce irritation.

Don’t use the same brand again.

If symptoms persists, meet a doctor.


Say “NO” to her bite😉 Stay safe😀


take CARE,stay CURIOUS.

Ruthless killer: Save Your Babies from Dengue


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