His heart beats for her untill…

Untill…he passes away. OMG !!! Yes by a heart attack.

Don’t expect a poetry here😉

Every year 17 million people die in our country because of heart disease.

How to identify a heart attack?

  1. Any chest pain lasting for more than few minutes, increasing in severity, radiating to neck, shoulder,arms.
  2. Any chest pain with difficulty in breathing.
  3. Any chest discomfort + feeling of vomitting, sweating, dizziness.

How to avoid an heart attack?

3 simple steps :

  • Eat healthy
  • Regular exercise
  • Quit smoking

Three simple steps shall make a very big change.

What first aid to give if you suspect a heart attack?

  1. Call an ambulance.
  2. Rest: allow patient to sit in comfortable position, no walking or any vigorous work.
  3. Lossen patients clothing.
  4. If patient have aspirin tablet(ecospirin) give 300 mg of aspirin.
  5. If patient have nitroglycerine tablet, ask to keep them below tongue, it might decrease pain and improve circulation.
  6. If patient becomes unresponsive, give cpr.

We shall wind up with a key note : Any chest pain, never neglect..meet a doctor.


Love your 💓…share the power.







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