“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” A piece of good advise..Take it.

Eating 2 cups of fruit every day, gives us fiber, antioxidants, vitamin c, potassium and energy.

If you are eating an apple a day means you are consuming :

  • 20% of recommended daily value of dietary fiber,
  • 7% of your day’s potassium,
  • 8% of the antioxidant, vitamin C
  • 130 calories with no fat and no cholesterol

Daily consumption of apples may reduce the damage caused by bad cholesterol and protect against heart disease.

Every  10 grams of fiber consumed per day reduces risk of heart diseases by 14% and risk of dying from heart diseases by 27%.

Fiber from fruits appeared to be slightly more proactive than cereal fiber, lowering the risk of coronary diseases death by 30%.

Eat fruits..stay healthy..

An apple a day, keeps doctor away.


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