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It was the time, I ran to hospital at 7 in morning and stayed until late night.I was an intern in a surgery unit with a strict BOSS.

On first day of my duty,I was told to use my hands and not my brain.Being a medicine freak ,I felt furious. My boss told me to unlearn wt ever I know and relearn everything in his way.

And days passed by.

It was our opd day and  2 in the night, we got a case of post operative burst abdomen.

A 26 year old lady who underwent cesarean section 10 days back was referred to our emergency..Her pulse was very feeble,BP : 60/40 and on drugs to maintain BP. But, more devastating thing was “her intestines were hanging out and pus tricking down from gaped wound”.

Anybody in scenario would say “it’s damn bad”.

I called up my senior pg. We incubated her(put a tube into her wind pipe to give breaths), set inotropic support to maintain BP and informed my boss about the case.

He ordered us to do a venesection(cutting a vein and giving fluids through it) and maintain fluid support and to cover intestines with a saline patch and a plastic sheet.we did that and further stabilized the case.

She was in a comatose state, completely dependent on ventilator for breathing, her intestines are still exposed and pus coming out, BP fluctuating every few mins.

Anesthetist gave no hope.We strived whole night to stabilize her vitals and to keep her alive.

She made through tough night..Next morning my boss gave us a challenge. He said “we can’t afford death of a young mother. Make sure, she walks in 30 days”!!!!!

Yes, 30 days..!!!!! At that moment I felt, is it really possible? can a lady who isn’t responding to drugs,whose organs are failing,whose brain isn’t showing any neurological improvement..will she survive? Even if she survive, will she ever wake up from her vegetative state?

Thousands of questions rammed my head and I saw face of my senior pg, it didn’t look any different.

Will she survive? Or should we accept the bitter fate?


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