Choose Health NOT TOBACCO

Tejaswi B L

Dr.Tejaswi is post graduate trainee in MD internal medicine.His interests are health care blogging,health education in non communicable diseases like diabetes, hypertension and cancers.

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  1. Kapil Sood says:

    Thanks for sharing this post, Smoking is not good for health as you said, it increases the chance of heart attack and stroke. By doing regular exercise it will prevent the chances of a heart attack and you can live a healthy life all along. or you can book a doctor online at AstoCare to discuss health-related issues with the best doctors.

  1. July 19, 2018

    […] infection away. 2) Take early precaution when you are suffering from cold and infection. 3) Avoid smoking 4) keep your self hydrated by regular consumption of water. 5) Protect yourself from  dust, smoke, […]

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