Do you know how many people die from tobacco use every day??? tobacco

It’s 19 thousand…a big wooowww!!…but figures speak for themselves.

Does tobacco kills non smokers too???

Every puff you push in and smoke that gush out is inhaled by near and dear ones around you.
It increase their chance of getting an heart attack by 25- 30%.
Every year 8,90,000 people who doesn’t smoke die prematurely just because, one of their family member is a smoker.

All these deaths are preventable.

Does smoking really kill people??

Well, we don’t see that happening around.
But one third of people die on this earth due to heart attack…
And smoking is leading cause of heart attack.
So, definitely “smoking kills”.

Is e-cigarette safe?

No clinical studies have shown it’s safety.It will increase your chance of heart attack and stroke.

If somebody in ur family had a heart attack, should they quit smoking???

Definitely.. because stopping smoking decrease their chance of death by 36-46%…yes, u can save them.

Finally a bye bye message

Choose Health, not Tobacco


Unable to Quit Smoking.. YES U CAN.

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