Everybody who born in this world knows when he was born, his life, family,  friends and every other things that happen in his entire lifespan. But what about “life after death”, is there any place as hell or heaven as such? Do really our soul will travel to to the places that we are not seen or unaware off?  Well there are some people who witnessed life after death and near death experiences.

Life and death are one thread, the same line viewed from different sides

Life after Death / Near Death Experiences

Heaven is for real is one such movie that has been  released in 2014 based on the bookHeaven is for Real: A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back”, which explains his three year old son Burpo’s astonishing near death experiences(NDE) that any kid of that age can never imagine.  There are lot other people who has near death experiences few of them are Veronika-Ulrike Barthel, Mary Neal, Ben Breedlove etc., People who explains their near death experiences always face lot of critics too. But what is the real fact and is there any scientific explanation for NDE.

What is Near Death Experience?

Memories in relations to death or out of body experiences, are often mental phenomenon that people experience during extreme situations which have frequently been considered hallucinatory or illusory in nature. This  occurs after any severe illness or accident causes the heart, lungs and brain to cease functioning.

Death demon

These experience are vivid in nature, and very less people recalls the memory of the same which are similar to “Dreams”. Yes! we have dreams in every sleep but we don’t remember all.

What people Experience During Near Death?

People always talk about Soul Leaving the body /  a tunnel with a bright white light at the end / Some Thanatos or Shinigami or you may call god of death staring you to accompany your last moment / feeling very comfortable with no feel of pain   etc. The  experiences has found not all people experience the steps in the same order due to complex neurology and culture.

Well depending on various studies across the world there are around 4 to 15 percent of the people who experienced the near death.

Well here is a story of bruce with his near death experience!

Well you can find a lot like this but

Why this happens?

Why we experience all off these?

check out our next article for the scientific explanation regarding near death Experience….

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