World Rabies Day

World Rabies Day is observed on 28th of September, to educate and create awareness among the society about Prevention and defeating the deadly Rabies. This day also marks the death of Louis Pasteur, French microbiologist and chemist who developed rabies Vaccine.

Rabies is a  deadly virus, spread to people from the saliva of infected animals. Domestic dogs are the hosts for the rabies virus. 99% of the human rabies deaths caused due to dog bites.

According to statics of WHO, Rabies kills a person every 9 minute and most of the victims are children. Every year 59000 deaths occur over 150 countries.



Initial sign and symptoms are often nonspecific such as headache, and fever. when rabies is getting progress in human body then various signs and symptoms are visible such as: paralysis, anxiety, hallucinations, insomnia, confusion, agitation, abnormal behavior and hydrophobia(“fear of water”).


  • Vaccination dogs and cats
  • Always supervise your pets
  • Do not handle wild animals
  • If bitten by any animals, washing injure part from soap with antiseptic liquid and immediately consult  a Doctor.
  • Education and awareness plays a vital role to completely diminishing such types of disease.

This is the time to act.

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