It was an usual opd and admissions were going on.

A 14yr old kid got admitted with swollen legs, swollen face, not passing urine and breathing difficulty.
It didn’t take much time to figure out his kidneys have failed.

The kid was shifted to ward and we started treatment. His condition was bad, his blood was carrying less oxygen, more potassium and his heart was pouncing out of rhythm.

His mother was standing helplessly beside him and same was reflected in his sisters eyes.
By the moment anything could be done, he collapsed.
His pulse was so feeble that I barely felt it..his heart was slowing down and his breaths were turning into gasps…he was slipping from our hands to brace death.

We didn’t want to give up.we resuscitated. We pushed hard , we loaded him with medications, but nothing worked.

We shared same helplessness as his mother and death won over us once again.

Thousands of people die due to organ failure..In india ,every year 2,50,000 people need kidneys, 80,000 need liver transplants, 50,000 need a new heart, 1,00,000 people need corneal transplants.
And where do we get them ??????!!!!!

Someone need to donate right..
Why can’t we do it. Once we die, why should our organs be wasted and decomposed in soil.


Let our eyes give light to a blind.
Our heart can pump life into a sick child.
Our liver can save a dying father.
Our kidneys can save two families.

Give it a thought…register to donate ur organs.

No worries, nobody is going to steal them when u are alive. But, when we die , let us donate.


Read more about organ donation and simple online registration procedure in my next article… stay awaited.

Comment for any queries. Happy to help.. take CARE ,stay CURIOUS.

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