PERSPECTIVE and TRUTH – I was a fan of relativity. A long time ago, used to spend hours reading how events in this universe are gracefully they vow interlace of network – complex yet magnificent.

Today’s story is all about – perspective and truth.

Well, the story begins with a walk – my routine walk from hostel towards the hospital.

I saw this middle-aged guy pushing a wheelchair on the road, with a boy sitting on it. They were singing together.

They looked so happy and cheerful.
I have seen them prior. The guy doesn’t look sane. His attire is dirty. He wanders, begs and sleeps in the footpath. But.., he is a FATHER – who looks after a child – A special one.

This child lost his mom at the age of 3. Tuberculosis took her away.
The boy hasn’t seen the world so far – sunshine never reached his soul, blind since birth. He never went to school, neither talks nor babbles. He is a teenager with a brain of 3yr old kid.

This duo of son and father living happily, unbothered about all the materialistic needs, provokes a big question within me: Are materialistic needs key to happiness?
The place we live, the money we earn, should it decide- how happy we can be.!!!?

Well, people speak – they say a hundred things.. should we be bothered ? should we live perfect enough to be smothered?

These guys looked like free souls, uninhibited spirits.

PERSPECTIVES: Everyone has one. Every event have many.

Every coin has two faces, a yet another probability: The other perspective.

The happy father is actually a chronic alcoholic. He begs every day by displaying “sick kid” in a more pathetic way. Its a show, which fetches him money.

He feeds the kid twice daily, but make sure he drinks thrice. The kid gets happy by a wheelchair ride and a song, but should it be the care, a child needs?
Doesn’t the kid need medical attention, healthy food and water, a safe home, a good rehab.?

This happy father- is he really the happy one or a coward running away from reality and sobbing his conscience in alcohol?

This guy stabbed a watchman two years ago. He was drunk like hell.
He hasn’t changed much since then.
Is this a blissful serenity or mere denial from social responsibility?

I am not here to judge. All you read was about life – the life of a kid in a wheelchair.

Perspectives – now you have your own..

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