COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by Coronavirus SARS 2 CoV strain.

The disease spectrum ranges between a simple cold to fatal pneumonia.

The spectrum of illness, an individual can develop depends on various factors and Comorbidities.


Here is a guide showing people at risk of developing fatal diseases.

AGE case fatality rate(%)
>80yrs 14.8 – 16.7
70-79 8
60-69 3.6
50-59 1.3
20-49 0.32
10-19 0.2
Comorbidities Case fatality rate
Heart disorder 10.5
Diabetes 7.3
Respiratory disorder
(Smokers,Asthma, Tuberculosis, COPD)
Hypertension 6
Cancer 5.6

Elderly population and people with diabetes,hypertension, lung problems, smokers, cardiovascular diseases are more prone to develop fatal disease compared to normal individual .

A covid patient who goes into respiratory failure, septic shock(low bp due to infection), organ dysfunction (failing kidneys or liver) is considered as CRITICALLY ILL.
A critically ill patient have CFR of 49%, which means just a 50% chance of survival.

Stay home stay safe.

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