If u wish to understand ” Today “, just search ” Yesterday “.

There was a massacre, much bigger than world War 1.
There were deaths.. Dual tragedies: the death of a child, or the death of a young child’s parent.
Society saw a lot of both.

She was mother of all pandemics : The Spanish flu.

In 1918, around March USA started reporting cases of influenza deaths. But, it wasn’t like something seen before. It was more fatal. Many young succumb to death.

Soon, Asia reported cases and Europe too..

It stayed for one and a half years.. 500 million got the flu and 50 million succumb to death.
Surprisingly, most were young between 15-35year of age.

Three waves shook the world..
The first one was a warning, the second one had no mercy, the third one ended the rest.

Death Per 1000 Infected

Everything comes to an end:- By summer 1919, pandemic came to end as infected ones either died or developed an immunity.

Some things are still left unanswered. What gave this 1918 virus such an ability to generate rapidly successive waves?
Why did it kill so many young adults?
(Try answering in comment section)

What must we learn from Spanish flu?

The mother of pandemics have lots of tales to tell.

Philadelphia v/s st Louis… A tale of two cities..

Shall be continued..

take Care… stay Curious.

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