Author: Tejaswi B L


Your heart beats for her, until…….

His heart beats for her untill… Untill…he passes away. OMG !!! Yes by a heart attack. Don’t expect a poetry here😉 Every year 17 million people die in our country because of heart disease....

Doctors Dairies 1

Irritating GIRL friend

What irritates you a lot ????mosquito Loud sounds? Annoying friend? Traffic, traffic, traffic??? Credit card company calls??? A hot sweaty day?? Yes, everyone have a reason to get irritated..so am I… There is one...

stephen hawking Scientist 2

Stephen Hawking : Wanderer of Cosmos.

Stephen Hawking, a name world would never forget… the man who pointed at singularity…the man who made the black hole to emit a radiation. He was a superhero for every kid who dreamt of...