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A wheelchair

PERSPECTIVE and TRUTH – I was a fan of relativity. A long time ago, used to spend hours reading how events in this universe are connected..how gracefully they vow interlace of network – complex...

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Donate LIFE

It was an usual opd and admissions were going on. A 14yr old kid got admitted with swollen legs, swollen face, not passing urine and breathing difficulty. It didn’t take much time to figure...


Everybody Lies.

Everybody lies… He came to us with a big distended tummy, swollen legs and yellow eyes..it didn’t take much time to figure out his liver was failing. He knew the diagnosis, before I scribbled...

Chemo Story 2

A CHEMO story-Doctors Dairy

Doctors Dairy: a-chemo-story This guy had Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a type of blood cancer . He had swollen lymph nodes in his neck. The swelling was so extensive and evident that anyone who see...

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Doctors Dairy : A Doctors Day

White aprons, a litmann steth, glazing formals – pride on the face..who doesn’t want to be a doctor. Is this really who doctors are? Well, there is a different story, a varied perspective, a...