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CES 2018 2

Don’t Miss a Beat CES ( Consumer Technology Association)- Digital Health 2018

Consumer Technology Association (CES), formerly The International Consumer Electronics Show (International CES®) provides a platform for manufacturers, developers and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, content, technology delivery systems and more, to showcase innovations. CES is providing...

AI developments 4

Artificial Intelligence developments in healthcare

Now a days, Artificial Intelligence is one of the buzzy topics as Sophia,  a humanoid robot developed by  Hanson Robotics,   got a Saudi Arabian citizenship.  Artificial Intelligence bots are seen in the movies, like “Her”, “Ex Machina“ and the “Terminator’s...

Diabetes Mellitus 2

Diabetes Mellitus

What is Diabetes Mellitus? Diabetes Mellitus is a Metabolic disorder, characterized by hyperglycemia due to absolute or relative deficiency of insulin. In simple words : insulin produced by pancreas is necessary for maintaining normal blood...

memory techniques 1

How to Improve Your Memory

“You read, You Forget” is a continuous cycle, but how to stay apart is million dollar Question. Yes, nobody is a born genius. But how some people remember better?? What makes them wise? The...

fat 1

Fatal Fats: Avoid These for healthy living

Avoid these Fatal Fats in your diet:         Say Bye Bye to Fatal Fats and a big “Hi” to healthy heart…   Lose Weight: Healthy Eating Habits

Simple suthras 2

Escape death : Five simple sutras

In continuation with our previous article Escape Death: Nine Ninja Assassins from Heart attack to Tuberculosis Here are the five simple tricks to avoid premature deaths: 1) Say “No” to Obesity: Just by decreasing...