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Donate LIFE

It was an usual opd and admissions were going on. A 14yr old kid got admitted with swollen legs, swollen face, not passing urine and breathing difficulty. It didn’t take much time to figure...

tokophobia 0

Tokophobia: Symptoms & Treatment

Humans are intellectuals who can think and create something new. Things humans can do are enormous, all these capabilities of humans start with  a basic idea or may be called as belief, a belief...

Amazing Healthcare FActs 2

Amazing Healthcare facts part 2

Healthcare facts Part 2 Healthcare is a huge field where we need to learn bit by bit via facts and figure. So lets learn some amazing healthcare facts: carecurious

Amazing Healthcare FActs 0

Amazing Healthcare facts part 1

Healthcare facts Part 1 Various healthcare facts pics that enlighten and surprises you.. read, learn, enjoy and share…   Amazing Healthcare facts part 2

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Life After Death: Near death experiences

Everybody who born in this world knows when he was born, his life, family,  friends and every other things that happen in his entire lifespan. But what about “life after death”, is there any...

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Sinusitis : Tips and Remedies

Sinusitis a familiar term,a common problem which bothers many… leaving them with blocked noses, nasty headaches. How sinusitis happen? There are some cavities within the bones of your face called sinuses. These sinuses are...

depression 2

Depressed??? let’s talk…

When you feel low, sad or depressed..what do you do????? listen to moody songs? sit alone in room?  go alone for a walk? cry hiding face with a pillow? get drunk in a bar?...