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A Tale of Two Cities

Spanish flu hit US in 1918.. Read the recap Scenario 1 :It was second week of September. Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love was getting ready for grand event. A huge parade with thousands...

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Mother of pandemics: SPANISH FLU

If u wish to understand ” Today “, just search ” Yesterday “. There was a massacre, much bigger than world War 1.There were deaths.. Dual tragedies: the death of a child, or the...

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Donate LIFE

It was an usual opd and admissions were going on. A 14yr old kid got admitted with swollen legs, swollen face, not passing urine and breathing difficulty. It didn’t take much time to figure...

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Tokophobia: Symptoms & Treatment

Humans are intellectuals who can think and create something new. Things humans can do are enormous, all these capabilities of humans start with  a basic idea or may be called as belief, a belief...

Amazing Healthcare FActs 2

Amazing Healthcare facts part 2

Healthcare facts Part 2 Healthcare is a huge field where we need to learn bit by bit via facts and figure. So lets learn some amazing healthcare facts: carecurious

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Amazing Healthcare facts part 1

Healthcare facts Part 1 Various healthcare facts pics that enlighten and surprises you.. read, learn, enjoy and share…   Amazing Healthcare facts part 2